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tea room


We have a selection of delicious home-baked cakes and muffins, including gluten free and vegan, which are freshly baked daily on the premises.  Prices from £2.00 to £3.50.

Toast, crumpets, toasted teacakes and croissants are available all day.

Cakes and cupcakes are available to order for special occasions - please enquire for options and prices.


Give us (at least!) 3 days notice and we will serve you afternoon tea which will look as delicious as it tastes!  A selection of sandwiches, followed by scones and finished off with mini cakes served with your choice of tea or coffee.


£22.00 per person midweek, £23.50 weekends (please ask about our group rates for parties 7+)



We serve an ever increasing range of specialist teas by Alison Appleton with names as amazing as they taste.


Our teas are served in tea pots designed by Alison with infusers to ensure the tea you drink is perfectly brewed.


GK Tea Room Blend ... £2.20

A traditional British blend of full-flavoured Indian, Ceylon and Chinese black teas. Blended especially for Salford’s soft water. Perfect with milk in the mornings and afternoon.

Lapsang Souchong ... £2.30

Winston Churchill’s favourite tea, lapsang is smoked over pinewood. A favourite on British afternoon tea menus through history, this tea comes into its own when paired with smoked salmon dishes.

Earl Grey ... £2.40

Our Mamma Mia Earl Grey is a classic blend of Chinese Keemun & Sicilian Bergamo.

Gentleman’s Toffee … £2.40

This is a blend of rich and malty Assam with caramel drops. It makes a lovely toffee, vanilla tasting brew.  Take with or without milk.

Black Russian ... £2.40

A robust blend of black teas with orange and almond.

Chocolate Chai ... £2.40

Black tea, masai chai spices and cocoa husks.  All the spice you would expect in a chai, beautifully combined with a seriously dark chocolate tea.


Song-Organic Chinese Green Tea ... £2.40

Sweet and earthy, song is a perfect introduction to green tea.


Geisha’s Kiss ... £2.40

A very popular mix of four Japanese green tea blends, blended with red fruit.

Lemon loves Ginger ... £2.40

Green tea, lemon and ginger. A sweet and spicy infusion, good for digestion and pick me up.


Assam ... £2.30

Decaffeinated using the CO2 method.

Twinkle Twinkle ... £2.40

This green rooibos, blended with lemongrass and coriander, is a firm favourite with customers. It makes a zesty, refreshing, detoxifying brew that helps you find your sparkle!

Cherry Cupid Rooibos ... £2.30

Red rooibos, blended with fruity cherry and almond.

Toffee Apple Rooibos … £2.40

Red rooibos, blended with apple and toffee.

Pure Peppermint ... £2.30

A pure dried mint infusion that is refreshing and known to be good for digestion.

First Aid ... £2.40

An aromatic herbal infusion combining baby fig, pineapple, fennel, camomile, vervain and liquorice. Great for upset stomach, colds, helps insomnia and a splendid fasting aid.


For coffee lovers, we have grind on demand 100% Arabica Fairtrade coffee beans to give a range of great coffees. We proudly support The Christie charity with a contribution from every drink sold. 

All our coffees come as a double shot as standard (ask if you prefer single shot).  We have decaffeinated coffee and soya milk on request (at no extra charge!)

Espresso ... £1.80


Double Espresso ... £2.00

Macchiato ... £1.90/2.10


Americano ... regular £2.30

                           ... large £2.40 

Flat white ... £2.60


Cappuccino ... regular £2.70

                             ... large £2.90 


Latte ... regular £2.70

          ... large £2.90


Mocha ... regular £2.90

               ... large £3.10


Standard ... £3

The Works loaded with whipped

cream and marshmallows ... £3.50

Vegan ... £3.50

For every hot chocolate we sell we donate 10p to our nominated charity Salford Food Bank


We have a wide range of syrups at 50p per shot:

Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, Caramel, Vanilla,                        

Chai Latter ... £2.90

Matcha Tea – bursting with antioxidants

plain ... £3.20

mango ... £3.20

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